I knew coming back was a bad idea. I… I can’t even express… I just can’t.


veelaquinnfabray-deactivated201 asked: Artie, I... do you want to talk?

I… Sure. Do… do you want to join me on my prefect round? Are… are you ok?

Finn’s…. well…


I… Professor Sylvester said…


Headmaster Figgins is calling everyone into the dining hall tomorrow.

Sam, we have a meeting in the morning.

You… you can’t be serious..

Wait… No-one has seen Finn?

Oh god. This can’t start happening again.

…what’s up, everybody?


Wh… What? I… I don’t understand. I saw you. I… I saw you in the woods… You’re dead!

ravenclaw-britt replied to your post: Potions, history and DADA.
same :[ Do you know anything about the muggle ‘web’ and Bill’s gates?

Uhh, Are you refering to the world wide web and Bill Gates, who invented it?

Potions, history and DADA.

Not looking forward to tonights homework load.

The Great Hall Scene (Artie’s reaction)

Artie sighed, bringing his hand to his forehead out of frustration while trying to recruit the hectic first years into a group so they could all go down to the welcome back dinner. It was proving to be more difficult then expected, as they all wanted to explore some more. Finally, they were all heading down the staircases. Suddenly, he felt someone slid their arm around his. He looked up to see Brittany, giving him a wide smile. He giggled, finding her excitement amusing. Artie wished he could feel like that, and he had gotten really good at putting on a brave face and pretending to be excited for the new year. Honestly though, he was terrified. Last year had thrown Artie into a whirlwind. Losing JJ, Mike and Tina to death, and being forced to watch the Tri-wizard tournament rip the school apart. It was a lot for him to try and handle. Still, he was trying very hard to keep optimistic about what the new year might hold.

Artie gave a smile as Brittany continued to pull him through the crowd of wizards so they could sit beside each other. At least one bad thing from last year didn’t still haunt him. He was happy that he and Brittany could still be friends, and not have an uncomfortable feeling between them. Searching around the great hall for familiar faces. Immediately, he noticed Sam and Santana sitting at the professors table, looking a bit uncomfortable. Turning his head around, his eyes fell on Quinn Fabray. A smile graced his features. Artie didn’t know when he started to feel something for Quinn, but he knew that she would never feel the same way. When she noticed him looking at her, he awkwardly smiled before turning away and looking up at Headmaster Figgins.

"Whoa…" He muttered after Figgins long speech about Sam and Santanas new formed privileges. This was intense. 

I have a feeling that this year is going to be 10x better then last year.

At least, it better be.

Bring it on.